This is not a simple question and unfortunately there is no simple answer. One Month one product is good, the next a different product, it may be product A is more usable but Product B protects you better……

There are numerous companies producing Internet Security (Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall) products and its a bit of a mine field when it comes down to choosing one.

I think the first port of call will be to choose a reputable company, one which is a known brand and has a track record for producing good software which works as stated.

So, how do I know which is good and which is bad, put simply, read the reviews from well known computer magazines, talk to your friends or colleagues on what they use and their experiences with them.

The final decision may come down to usability rather than being the best at detecting and preventing malicious programs (Viruses, Spyware, Trojan’s, etc).

So here are a couple of places to visit to help you better understand what’s available and how good the products are:

  • Your Bank Security pages will give you basic information on what’s out there and in some cases they may have a deal whereby you can get free or discounted antivirus software.
  • Visit the website or buy the magazine from various computer magazines, such as PC Magazine, Computer Shopper. PC Plus, etc.
  • Try a google search.
One Important point is that there are a number of “Fake” Antivirus and Antispyware products out there, designed to make you believe they are very good, but in fact contain malicious intent, this is a rather interesting take, in that you cannot just believe what is written on the tin, check out the company, understand them then choose the best product they offer.As a side note, there is a rather interesting Antivirus comparison site called AV-Comparatives which reviews all the well known products against the numerous threats and rates them accordingly.

For obvious reasons the fake antivirus software will never be listed.So check out

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