I have been using gmail, picasa and many other cloud based services for a number of years.

They have some excellent benefits such as being able to access your files anywhere and on any computer.

The problem I always have (like most of us I imagine) is that I have a worry that my cloud provider may accidentally lose all my files or emails.

So that’s why I have the following to help me to at least have a backup:

  • I use Picasa so that I can keep a copy of my Photos and Videos both locally and in the cloud, it works great and synchronizes new or updated photos well.
  • For Gmail, I use a free tool called GMail-Backup which can download to a directory all my emails, then only download the updated or changed emails (New ones).

The end result is that I have all my photos, videos and emails on a hard disk locally and in the cloud. Maybe its paranoid, but I moved to the cloud as I lost things when a hard disk died a few years ago, now I have the other worry.

This may not be for everyone, but something to thing about as your cloud storage grows and your dependency on Google or some other 3rd party increases.

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