Until a few years ago, there were few complex malware created to run on Apple Mac computers.

As Mac usage increased, malware for Macs has also increased.

For example, in the last year alone we have discovered new Mac malware, including OSX.Flashback, OSX.Imuler, and OSX.Sabpab.

Then, more recently, we discovered OSX.Crisis.

The Crisis malware is an advanced malware that runs on both Windows and Mac computers, and has information-stealing functionality that includes stealing browser activities and contact lists, as well as the ability to record both audio and visual information from the computer’s microphone and webcam respectively.

The features found in this malware suggest that it may have been designed for the purpose of either private investigation or espionage, and are much more advanced than those found in the average information stealing malware. Furthermore, the Windows version of the Crisis malware drops its modules on Windows Mobile devices and also may be the first malware that attempts to spread to virtual machines.
This paper details these advanced features of the Crisis malware as well as the commonalities and differences between the Mac and Windows versions of the malware.

Please Download the whitepaper for the full report

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