Embattled p**n troll Prenda Law has appealed the sanctions imposed on it earlier this year by US District Judge Otis Wright. But when Wright ordered Prenda to post a larger bond totaling $237,584, Prenda balked.

The law firm was losing its “ability to appeal what it believes to be serious violations of its Due Process rights,” Prenda wrote in an emergency motion to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Wright ordered the bond to assure that if Prenda loses, legal fees will get paid to the John Doe defendant in the case, represented by Morgan Pietz. Prenda argued that there was no legal basis for such a bond. On Tuesday, a three-judge appeals panel ruled that Prenda was wrong. One judge dissented, solely on the issue of the bond amount, agreeing with Prenda that it was inappropriate to raise the bond amount from about $100,000 to the higher amount of nearly $238,000.     

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