Yet another media company is trying to put a stop to online TV streaming startup Aereo’s plans for expansion across the country.

This week, Hearst Stations, which owns the ABC affiliate WCVB-TV in Boston, filed for an injunction that aims to halt Aereo’s rollout in Beantown, where it launched in May 2013.

Aereo uses a massive set of tiny antennas to capture over-the-air television and then effectively re-transmit it over the Internet to consumers’ digital devices. Media companies aren’t happy with Aereo’s plans to expand in Boston and other cities across the country. Aereo itself has already sued CBS as a way to halt the flood of copyright infringement suits.

The company suspected that if it didn’t take preemptive action, lawsuits would follow it around the country—but it looks like that’s what is happening in any case.     

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