Pete Ashdown is the founder and CEO of XMission, based in Utah. Pete Ashdown On May 29, 2013, Pete Ashdown received a two-page document from the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division at the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy.

Ashdown is the founder and CEO of XMission, an independent ISP and Web host based in Salt Lake City, Utah. You are hereby requested to preserve, under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2703(f), the following records in your custody or control, including records stored on backup media: A.

All stored electronic communications and other files associated with the following IP address: There are two minor problems with this request. First, it’s not a valid IP address. Second, the IP address it’s supposed to be is actually that of XMission’s Tor node ( “So not only did they not bother to investigate the fact that it was Tor node, but they didn’t know what a proper IP address was either,” Ashdown told Ars. 5     

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