On July 13, Daniel Bangert publicly invited friends to stroll in the forest in the name of the “NSA Spy Protection League.” It was a semi-satirical, semi-serious protest “walk” outside the Dagger Complex in Griesheim in southwestern Germany. Officially, Dagger Complex is a US military “training facility.” But many believe it is actually a National Security Agency (NSA) facility that has been spying on German Internet traffic. Days later, German authorities ordered Bangert to report to Central Commissariat 10 of the German federal police.

They then sent an officer to his home. (Bangert reportedly answered the door wearing a “Team Snowden” t-shirt.) Der Spiegel reported that a Darmstadt spokeswoman told them that “the US Military Police had found the Facebook post and passed it along to German officials.

The Military Police are responsible for security within the Dagger Complex, but outside the fence, it is the Germans who are in charge.”     

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