When employees use personal, mobile devices for work, they aren’t usually thinking about security issues. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) habits are all about finding the fastest and most effective way to get work done, whether that means using a tablet at home, a smartphone in a meeting or a laptop at a desk. However, this obviously can present major data protection and security issues for IT, especially because most organizations don’t have control over how employees are mixing and matching work devices and data with their other day-to-day activities. So, sensitive files are traveling outside the office, often without encryption or other simple security measures, leaving data exposed to theft, loss or corruption.

This can be a nightmare for any industry, especially those that are under regulatory scrutiny, such as finance or health care.

Acronis’ 2013 Data Protection Trends Research, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and released July 17, sheds some light on the issues. Findings from a healthy sampling of 4,300 respondents worldwide showed that there are real data safety issues resulting from a lack of BYOD policies and best-practice awareness.

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