As anyone watching the smartphone patent wars knows by now, some of the highest-stakes conflicts are taking place at the International Trade Commission (ITC), a quasi-judicial agency that can place an importation ban on a company’s products if they are found to infringe patents. On Friday, the ITC issued a final ruling that certain Samsung products should be subject to an “exclusion order” that would keep them out of the United States. It comes at a particularly interesting time in the history of the ITC—less than one week after President Barack Obama issued a historic veto reversing an ITC decision in a different case that would have excluded Apple products, including some older-model iPhones.

All ITC exclusion orders are followed by a 60-day presidential review period. That begins today for the Samsung phones affected by this order, which are the Transform SPH-M920 and the Continuum SCH-1400.     

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