p**n-trolling operation Prenda Law made its money filing copyright claims over illegal downloads of adult movies.

Now, at least four judges want to see the money flow in the other direction—to the defense lawyers who have made short work of Prenda claims. Prenda didn’t only file copyright claims. In some cases, it also made hard-to-understand anti-hacking claims in state court, which led to some success for Prenda. In fact, the company was able to press on getting consumers’ contact information even after it was sanctioned in federal court due to an Illinois anti-hacking case where a judge signed off on a broad discovery order. But those state court cases aren’t looking like a slam dunk anymore.

The most recent expensive setback for Prenda comes out of the Guava LLC v. Merkel case. That’s a Minnesota state court case where Prenda was accused of colluding with a “sham” defendant to get discovery.      

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