Late last week, the New York Department of Financial Services, the state’s banking regulator, sent 22 subpoenas to Bitcoin-related companies, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The full list includes BitInstant, BitPay, Coinbase, CoinLab, Coinsetter, and Dwolla, as well as investors Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Winklevoss Capital Management (which claims to own one percent of all bitcoins in circulation). Butterfly Labs, a bitcoin miner manufacturer that Ars profiled earlier this year, also received a subpoena. Most of the companies listed did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Responses from those that did spanned the yes-no-maybe gamut: “We’re not publicly commenting on the subpoenas or whether we received one,” Jaron Lukasiewicz, the CEO of Coinsetter, told Ars by e-mail. “I think the more important takeaway is that companies in our space can now open up a productive dialogue with regulators.”     

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