David Miranda—partner of The Guardian’s lead National Security Agency (NSA) leaks reporter Glenn Greenwald—was detained under local terrorism laws for nearly nine hours on Sunday at London’s Heathrow airport. Miranda was eventually released without any charges, but authorities confiscated property such as Miranda’s phone, laptop, camera, memory sticks, DVDs, and games consoles, according to The Guardian.

The paper reports Miranda was returning from a trip to Berlin with US filmmaker Laura Poitras when officers stopped him at 8:30am. Miranda was then informed that he would be questioned under a British anti-terrorism law known as Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The law gives authorities the power to stop, search, question, and detain individuals at airports, ports, and borders, and individuals approached under this legislation are committing a crime if they refuse to comply. Nine hours is the maximum time an individual can be held under the law before officials must release or formally arrest a detainee.

According to The Guardian, more than 97 percent of Schedule 7 examinations last under an hour, and only one in 2,000 people are held beyond six hours.     

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