Groklaw’s founder is afraid e-mail encryption is just waiting to be broken. Michael Myers Groklaw, the 11-year-old website devoted to covering legal disputes related to open source software, has announced it will shut down rather than risk the government reading its e-mail. Groklaw founder Pamela Jones (commonly known as “PJ”) wrote today that she is not confident the government won’t someday be able to crack her encrypted e-mails. “There is no way to do Groklaw without e-mail,” she wrote. “So this is the last Groklaw article.” This is the second time Jones announced her intention to no longer publish Groklaw articles. On April 9, 2011, she said goodbye to readers because “the crisis SCO initiated over Linux is over, and Linux won. SCO as we knew it is no more.” She quickly changed course, saying Groklaw would continue with a new editor; she then continued running the site herself.     

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