In 2012, Oakland, California, resident Samantha Matalone Cook and some friends started a group for their kids called Hacker Scouts.

The adults taught children who were between eight and 12 years old how to build circuit boards, make DIY ice cream, laser cut picture frames, among other things, and the kids could earn badges by completing projects.

The group became popular and within a year, according to the Los Angeles Times, parents across the country were inquiring about how to start their own local chapters. But the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is not happy with the new scouting group. On Monday, Cook wrote on the Hacker Scouts blog that for the past several months, her association has been trying to compromise with the BSA, which sent the Hacker Scouts a Cease and Desist letter claiming that the BSA has an exclusive right to the term “scout.” “Through various letters, we have tried to quietly come to a compromise, but the BSA position is clear: change our name or they will take us to court,” wrote Cook.     

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