Seven months ago, a group of gamers that congregates at the /r/gaymers section of reddit teamed up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Perkins Coie law firm to cancel a trademark they objected to.

The brouhaha began when Chris Vizzini, who held the trademark on “gaymers” and owns the Web domain, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the /r/gaymers subreddit. Vizzini believed they were stealing away clicks that were rightfully his.

Now, they’ve won that legal fight. Vizzini “surrendered” the trademark in July, and the US Patent and Trademark office officially canceled the trademark yesterday. Back in January, Vizzini had asked for help with legal fees to maintain his fight for the Gaymer trademark, noting that his opponents “have free legal representation from two sources and I do not.”     

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