Newspaper Club / flickr Last year’s Apple v. Samsung patent trial was a blockbuster.

There were 21 seats available to the press, and on many days they were filled up, with extra reporters in an overflow room. Many outlets, including Ars, covered the trial nearly every day.

The access was extraordinary, and the public saw many never-before-seen documents. That was thanks in large part to the fact that Reuters lawyered up and intervened in the case, a move that undoubtedly benefited the entire press corps and public access generally. US District Judge Lucy Koh, who oversaw the litigation, scrutinized every document that Apple and Samsung wanted to seal from public view. USB drives containing the exhibits that were entered into evidence were sent down to the press room after each day’s testimony. However, the openness of the litigation has limits that are becoming clear post-trial. Koh wanted to unseal more documents post-trial, but today she was sharply overruled by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.     

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