Photo illustration by Aurich Lawson This morning at 10am, Anonymous hacker/FBI informant Hector “Sabu” Monsegur was scheduled to be sentenced in a New York federal court. But when I called the judge’s chambers this morning, I was told that the sentencing had been adjourned—again. No explanation was given. Monsegur has been subject to several of these delays already, most recently on the morning of his previous sentencing hearing back in February.

The government generally sends in a last-minute letter explaining that it requires Monsegur’s special service for another six months. That has likely happened again, though the US Attorney’s office handling the case has not yet responded to a request for comment. Monsegur, who had assisted in high-profile hacks of security firm HBGary and others, began cooperating with the FBI in June 2011 after his arrest at the Jacob Riis public housing complex in New York City. His work began immediately, and he helped the government build cases against numerous Anonymous hackers, including Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond.

He has apparently also assisted the government in its investigation of Wikileaks.     

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