Today’s cautionary lesson comes to us from Kanawha County, West Virginia, where the school district’s one-time “child nutrition director” learned the hard way that it’s a terrible idea to pawn your work computer at a local jewelry store. Gary Cochran. According to police, Gary Cochran had other things on his mind besides the nutrition of the school district’s children. On September 26, 2011, Cochran allegedly pawned his school-issued HP laptop at Kanawha Valley Fine Jewelry for a mere $250. On November 14, police say he returned to the pawn shop with a Samsung Galaxy Tab—one he had checked out from the district—for $257.93. Someone at the school district noticed that the computers were gone, and the Board of Education sent Cochran letters about the missing devices. Instead of buying them back, Cochran quit on February 22, 2012. When the district cleared out his desk a few days later, employees found the pawn tickets for the devices.     

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