Five days worth of Soylent. God help me. Lee Hutchinson This week, Ars used Senior Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson as a guinea pig for a new substance called Soylent, a mixture created by engineer and entrepreneur Rob Rhinehart. One bag of Rhinehart’s concoction, which is mixed with water, is supposed to be “nutritionally complete” for humans who don’t have time to eat normal food in a busy workday, or who are trapped in a post-apocalyptic hell and waiting for transport to our terraformed Earth colonies. Lee announced his plan to forsake solid food and eat only Soylent on Monday, and as far as we can tell (we do all work from home, after all), he’s stuck to his week-long plan. Read the Monday article, Nothing but the Soylent: We’re trying 1 full week of the meal substitute, and catch the subsequent updates on Lee’s condition in the articles displayed in the sidebar on the right. Commenter tigas had heard of Soylent, but didn’t believe in it: “You mean this wasn’t a viral promotion for a videogame? It’s FOR REAL?!” Before Lee had had the chance to become familiar—a little too familiar—with Soylent, he responded, “Well, there’s something in those bags. Will find out tomorrow morning if it’s Soylent….OR SPIDERS. Really hoping it’s not spiders.” 6     

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