Microsoft has won a breach-of-contract trial against rival Motorola, with the jury awarding the Redmond software giant just over $14.5 million in damages. About $11 million of that is for violating its contract obligations, and $3 million is to offset Microsoft’s legal expenses.

The jury found that by trying to license its standard-essential patents for astronomical sums, Motorola violated the promises it made to the groups that controlled those standards, such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The result of Microsoft getting some payment in this case is not surprising, since it’s a follow-up to a November trial in the same court that Microsoft essentially won. In November, US District Judge James Robart set what he saw as an appropriate rate for licensing Motorola’s standards-based patents—about $1.8 million, far closer to Microsoft’s suggested rate than Motorola’s suggestion that it should be paid as much as $4 billion.     

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