Belgacom, a Belgian Internet Service Provider  (ISP) has revealed that it has been the victim of a hacking attack that might have come from a government intelligence agency.

The firm has not named any suspects itself, but according to a report the US National Security Agency (NSA) might have been involved.

“We had found traces of intrusion in the internal computer system,” explained Belgacom spokesman Jan Margot, according to the Belgian Standard.

However, the newspaper has spoken with people who pointed in a definite direction.

They pointed at the NSA, a known snooper thanks to Edward Snowden’s infamous NSA surveillance revelations.

According to the ISP a virus was discovered and traced back to the early summer. Margot said that this was dealt with over the past weekend. “We have taken steps to remove the virus,” he said. “That happened this weekend with success.”

Belgacom has reported the incident to the authorities and said that it will cooperate with their investigations.

Reportedly the Belgian government is a major backer of the ISP, and as much as two years’ worth of metadata was taken.

Belgacom has released a statement about what happened. It said that customers were not affected, nor were their personal details taken.

All of the people who were affected were employees, and they have had to change their passwords, according to the firm.

“The clean-up operation was thoroughly prepared and is flawless,” it said. “In several dozen cases, the virus was found and deleted successfully.”