Belgacom is Belgium’s primary telecommunications firm. ecks ecks Belgium’s largest telecom, Belgacom, was hacked for at least a few years, according to national newspaper De Standaard.

The paper wrote on Monday that “everything suggests” (Google Translate) that the culprit was the National Security Agency (NSA). De Standaard reports that after an internal security check in June 2013, technicians found an “unknown virus” that had been installed across a “few dozen computers,” and that the malware seemed to be targeting traffic on Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS), a subsidiary that works primarily with other telcos in the Middle East and Africa. How long was the malware present on majority-state-owned Belgacom’s systems? “We have no idea,” Belgacom CEO Didier Bellens told reporters (Google Translate) in Brussels on Monday. 0     

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