Last year, embattled Arizona lawyer Charles Carreon brought a lawsuit against The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman, doubling down by suing anonymous Internet commenters and even two charities, the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society. (The whole crazy story also involved a cartoon of an obese woman asking a bear to “Come hurr and love meeee!”) Things got even weirder when Carreon threatened Chris Recouvreur, also known “Satirical Charles,” who had created a website mocking Carreon. Recouvreur then sued Carreon in federal court for a declarative judgement that his site was not libelous. In a Tuesday legal filing with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Charles Carreon dropped his final appeal in the Recouvreur case and now definitively owes over $46,000 in fees to Recouvreur.

Now Carreon says he regrets the entire affair. Why? Largely because it has unleashed the wrath of angry people on the Internet and has subsequently damaged his reputation online. 5     

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