This noble falcon yearns to become a hunter of drones. ahisgett Andrew Cunningham brought us all the iOS 7 news you could want this week, from a gallery of comparison images in Death to textures: iOS 6 and iOS 7 compared in pictures, to an analysis of the new operating system on old hardware in New lease on life or death sentence? iOS 7 on the iPhone 4, to the actual review of iOS 7 itself, iOS 7, thoroughly reviewed. It was on this last article that many Ars readers left their first impressions of the new operating system. (And some just commented on the size of the article itself.

Arcite took one look at the nearly 16,000-word review and wrote, “Now presenting, the gold standard of software reviews, the Ars iOS7 review. :::goes off to brew a large cup of coffee::: I’ll need it!”) Marcos2247 was not a fan. “Just updated to iOS 7. I’m not lovin’ it. On the iPad 2, there are definitely performance issues. Every now and then something in the UI stutters.

And Temple Run 2 is a barely playable stutter-fest. I hope these things will be addressed in a future update. As for the UI itself: I have to say it looked better in pictures. In person, it lacks a certain polish. It does look like a bad Windows Phone ripoff.

And that’s coming from somebody who does not like Windows Phone.” “The oil slick color thing looks bizarre to me,” yakumo complained. 4     

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