Over the past few years, the government has been introducing new initiatives and courses in a bid to plug a cyber-security skills gap.
But industry experts that Computing has spoken to believe yet more needs to be done to ensure UK organisations can access the cyber security expertise they need.
In this video, Labour MP and Shadow Minister of the Cabinet Office Chi Onwurah reveals the age at which she believes children should be introduced to cyber security concepts, discusses how well she thinks the £9m allocation for cyber security awareness and education is being spent, and details the specific skills the government should help to promote if it is to reduce the cyber skills deficit.
This is the final part, of a three-part interview with Onwurah.
To watch the first part click here.
To watch the second part click here.
Computing’s Securing Talent campaign aims to raise awareness of the growing need for people with cyber security skills in industry and government, and for clearer pathways into the cyber security profession.

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