Sunset at Lake Mille Lacs, Minnesota. flickr / Paco Lyptic Every time it looks like the saga of copyright troll Prenda Law must be winding down, bizarre new events take place.

The most recent chapter took place yesterday in a Minnesota courtroom, during a hearing called over allegedly forged signatures that Prenda used on its copyright assignments. John Steele, the lawyer widely considered to be one of the Prenda masterminds, took the stand and testified while his co-founder, Paul Hansmeier, asked him questions. That itself was remarkable, considering both Hansmeier and Steele pleaded the Fifth yesterday in a Los Angeles courtroom when they were asked to testify about some of the very same issues covered. Some key documents in the Prenda copyright business were signed by an Alan Cooper—but Cooper, Steele’s former housekeeper, denies ever signing them. 1     

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