“900 suspected tablets of Alprazolam,” aka Xanax, were sent to a suspected Silk Road seller in November 2012. johnofhammond Authorities in the state of Washington arrested two people last week in connection with drug sales on the Silk Road, a clear indication of a crackdown on dealers using the notorious site.

News of their arrest first broke late Monday evening.

According to a 16-page criminal complaint (PDF) dated October 2, 2013, the two suspects, Steven Lloyd Sadler and Jenna M. White, have been charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Authorities believe that Sadler and White, arrested on October 2 and 3 respectively, are behind the “NOD” account on Silk Road, which was one of the “top sellers” on the site. (That account also had a thread under the Silk Road subreddit.) From Pakistan to Seattle The criminal complaint describes how authorities intercepted various packages from the United States Postal Service “mail stream,” using a combination of drug-sniffing dogs and parcel searches in September 2012.

A postal inspector found one package that “contained similar handwriting, was of the same size, and bore the same type of postage stamp, compared to the first package that the inspector had opened without a warrant.” 1     

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