Regulations are just as outdated as this phone, AT&T argues. Alexandre Dulaunoy If there’s one thing AT&T loves to talk about, it’s how government regulations designed to protect consumers are really annoying. In particular, the company says that century-old rules designed to spread phone service to all Americans should be eliminated as the country moves from traditional phone lines to all-IP (Internet Protocol) networks, a transition AT&T wants to see happen by 2018 or 2020.

The company’s latest attempt to sway public opinion toward its anti-regulation views comes in the form of research by the Internet Innovation Alliance, which is bankrolled in part by AT&T and consistently pushes AT&T’s agenda.

The group previously extolled the “positive effects” for consumers of an AT&T/T-Mobile merger, a deal blocked by the federal government’s antitrust authorities.

This week, the group pushed out a report titled “Telecommunications competition: the infrastructure-investment race,” by Georgetown professor Anna-Maria Kovacs.

The report’s findings are proof that regulation is bad for the broadband market, the Alliance argued. 7     

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