Jakob Steinschaden / flickr Earlier this week the home-renting company Airbnb publicly objected to what it saw as an overreaching subpoena by the New York Attorney General.

The subpoena demanded data on all 15,000 of its hosts.

Airbnb lawyers have now filed their objections in court.

Airbnb’s petition, filed yesterday in Supreme Court in Albany, is more ambitious than the company let on earlier. It isn’t merely trying to quash the AG’s request for data on its users. Rather, a good portion of the 24-page petition is dedicated to directly attacking New York’s hotel tax as unconstitutionally vague. Objecting to a big burden The subpoena is “precisely the type of ‘fishing expedition’ that is not permitted by the courts,” begin Airbnb lawyers.

The attorney general has no evidence of wrongdoing by any Airbnb user and “has, in fact, done nothing at all, other than attempt to use Airbnb as an arm of its investigatory staff.”     

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