About nine months ago, the Internet lost one of its most beloved activists in Aaron Swartz. But starting today, his legacy lives on through the formal launch of a project called SecureDrop.

The new online platform was originally coded by Swartz in collaboration with Wired reporter Kevin Poulsen. It has since been taken over by the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a group founded by a handful of Electronic Frontier Foundation staffers. The group describes its SecureDrop in this way: SecureDrop is a Python application that accepts messages and documents from the Web and encrypts them for secure storage. Each source who uses the platform is assigned a unique codename that lets the source establish a relationship with the news organization without having to reveal her real identity or resort to e-mail.

The project’s code has gone through a “detailed security audit” (PDF) by a team from the University of Washington, which also included Bruce Schneier and Jacob Appelbaum (Tor developer and renowned security researcher).     

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