The most-pirated movies are often available for purchase, but they aren’t on Netflix. Adam / flickr Google made changes to its search algorithm last year in an effort to demote sites associated with piracy, but the entertainment industry continues to worry that search engines are still leading many consumers to pirated content. Just last month, the RIAA President Cary Sherman testified to Congress about the issue.  At the same time, the MPAA put out a study indicating that 74 percent of consumers said they used a search engine “as either a discovery or navigational tool” before they went to domains with infringing content. That got Mercatus Center researcher Jerry Brito and two of his colleagues thinking about whether there was a relationship between content being legally available and online piracy. In an effort to make the connection clearer, Brito put together a website called that attempts to track the correlation between what is available legally and what gets downloaded illegally. 5     

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