The Guardian Just over four months ago, the Internet at large became significantly more acquainted with the National Security Agency (NSA). It’s all thanks to Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor (and longtime Ars reader) with access to an unprecedented volume of documents. Snowden’s leaks detailed for the first time the vast scale of American international telecommunications surveillance.

While many people may have speculated or even “known” about such capabilities, Snowden’s disclosures provided internal proof previously unavailable to the general public.

Ars has done its best to cover the day-by-day updates that have unfolded as a result of Snowden’s actions, both in terms of what we’ve learned of the government’s capabilities and what has changed since then. With most of the Ars staff at our annual two-day conference this week, we’ve decided to take some time to breathe and recap what we’ve learned so far. We’ve narrowed the revelations down to five, so this list is hardly exhaustive—but feel free to tell us what we’ve missed. 1     

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