Eduard Diaz i Puig The National Security Agency has been conducting massive surveillance of people in France, according to a new report from Le Monde, one of France’s largest daily newspapers.

The bilingual French and English editions of Monday’s story were written by Jacques Follorou and Glenn Greenwald.

The latter is an American journalist who has been leading the charge of publishing stories worldwide based on documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. “Amongst the thousands of documents extracted from the NSA by its ex-employee there is a graph which describes the extent of telephone monitoring and tapping (DNR—Dial Number Recognition) carried out in France,” wrote Follorou and Greenwald. “It can be seen that over a period of thirty days—from 10 December 2012 to 8 January 2013, 70.3 million recordings of French citizens’ telephone data were made by the NSA.

This agency has several methods of data collection.” 3     

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