In the latest twist to the long-running saga of Prenda Law, the firm’s former lawyer Brett Gibbs revealed financial data belonging to the so-called “copyright troll.” Prenda has sued thousands of people for illegally downloading p**nographic movies, but now it’s on the ropes; it has had to answer tough questions in several courts and has been accused of creating a “honeypot” on The Pirate Bay to induce the downloading. Gibbs, who is trying to escape the $81,000 sanctions order that was slapped on Prenda back in May, filed spreadsheets revealing that the company made $1.9 million last year, of which about 70 percent went to the two men most often pointed to as its founders, Paul Hansmeier and John Steele. Paul Godfried, an attorney who has opposed Prenda and was actually sued by the firm for defamation, wants to file the spreadsheets as evidence in a Minnesota court where a federal judge has re-opened several Prenda cases.

And now, Hansmeier has filed a response (PDF) to those damning documents.     

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