Make sure to put a filter on it. havok0311 A story circulated on Wednesday about Instagram subscribers who are using the service to sell their guns.

The Daily Beast attests that the practice is “mostly legal,” and while Instagram community regulation is unusually tight, the gun sales will likely be allowed to stand even while less serious activity is banned.

As The Daily Beast reports, users are snapping photos of their arms and using tag combinations to flag them for buyers, such as #glock #forsale. Users then negotiate in the comments or trade contact information to firm up the deal. It’s worth noting that online gun sales are not at all illegal, and selling to someone without a background check is only illegal in certain states.

The practice may be legal, but it’s interesting in that far more harmless activity has earned the banhammer from Instagram, especially when it comes to hashtags. Back in August, a long and incomplete list of Instagram hashtags that produce no search results surfaced on The Data Pack, including seemingly innocuous ones like #17b***h and #instagirl.     

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