Qualcomm is proud of its many patents and displays them on a giant wall. But this month it was found to infringe a small Florida company’s patents and faces a $173 million verdict. Nathan Rupert / flickr A long-running patent suit between RF (radio frequency) technology company ParkerVision and Qualcomm has ended. Last week, a Florida jury found that Qualcomm infringed on ParkerVision patents.

The company was seeking up to $432 million, which could have been tripled if willful infringement was found. Yesterday the damages order came down. Qualcomm’s infringement wasn’t willful, and it will have to pay $173 million—if the judge doesn’t lower it further. That’s a lot of money, but it’s much less than what investors at ParkerVision, a public company, were hoping for.

This morning, shares of ParkerVision, which trades as PRKR on the Nasdaq index, have plunged 60 percent. That just about eliminates the bump it received last week when it won its case. Investors in Qualcomm, which made $5.68 billion in the year ending 2012, didn’t even blink. Qualcomm hasn’t reported any of the ParkerVision litigation as material to its stock price. 0     

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