#illuminati? Yes, that must be it. Facebook recently triggered a spate of requests for copies of its users’ government IDs, according to a report from The Drum. But this time around, the request may not go down as smoothly in light of the news of the National Security Agency’s monitoring and collecting data from Facebook and several other technology companies and services. Facebook’s last surge in government ID requests came in January, when both it and Instagram locked some users out and said the users needed to provide a copy of a government ID before they could log back in. Facebook’s terms of service require that users have profiles with their real names and birthdays, and the company claims that it must verify this information for users who appear to be in violation of the terms of service. When you can’t complain on Facebook, you complain on Twitter, and complain the Facebook users did. Most were angry and uncomfortable, which is to be expected, and some didn’t believe Facebook would actually request such a thing.     

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