A California woman was apparently pulled over and given a ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass last night. Cecilia Abadie took to Google+ to post a picture of the ticket she received in San Diego, which says she was guilty of “Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass).” Cecilia Abadie The police officer cited a California law stating that “[a] person shall not drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver’s seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle.” Abadie was also cited for speeding.

The officer may have noticed that she was wearing Google Glass after pulling her over and decided to add a second infraction.     

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