There are certain elements of the IT estate that have a habit of springing nasty surprises on those drawing up the annual budget. Join us for this Computing Influence Documentary as we investigate these expensive and unpredictable elements and find out how some of the UK’s top CIOs deal with them.
The five IT budget killers are:

• Storage expansion• Hardware sprawl• Licensing• Ensuring high availability• Security
Sharing their experience and providing insight into how they mitigate unexpected costs arising in these five areas are:
• Darrel Stein, CIO, Marks & Spencer.• Simon Goodman, Head of Information Systems Strategy, Network Rail.• John Warnants, PureSystems Chief Strategy Officer, IBM.
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Computing Influence documentaries seek to capture the essence of current technology events and trends in technology, and to investigate their likely impact on businesses and organisations, but with the same kind of production quality that you would expect from a mainstream terrestrial broadcaster.

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