Rob Watling Late last month, we kicked the tires on the privacy policy and practices of a VPN company called Private Internet Access (PIA). Toward the end of the story, we mentioned transparency reports and “warrant canaries” as two possible tactics that PIA and other VPN firms could use as a way to help their customers understand the legal pressures they’ve been under.

This past weekend,, an unknown VPN company to Ars, contacted us to say that it was inspired by the story and started publishing its own transparency report. “It thus appears that not only are we the only VPN provider to keep its customers updated about any intervention that occurs behind the scenes, we are also the only one to publicly publish abuse notices it receives and how it responds particularly to them,” wrote Vicki, the company’s spokesperson. “It was in such spirit that we believe you should hear about us, since it has a direct connection with one of your earliest reports.” 2     

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