lewishamdreamer When a shell company called Lumen View Technology wielded a patent on “multilateral decision making” against a startup called FindTheBest, it ran into unexpected opposition. Instead of getting a quick payout as Lumen View had from many other small businesses, FindTheBest responded to the $50,000 demand by going public and filing a RICO lawsuit. That action frustrated Lumen View’s lawyer, Damian Wasserbauer. Last month, Wasserbauer asked (PDF) the judge overseeing his case for an extraordinary order, which would ban FindTheBest from talking to the press. Wasserbauer said that FindTheBest had broken confidentiality rules by revealing Lumen View’s $50,000 demand. US District Judge Denise Cote rejected his arguments this morning in a 6-page order (PDF), noting that Wasserbauer was in fact asking for a “gag order,” something that had raised serious constitutional issues.     

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