looking4poetry The group that hacked MacRumors Forums and made off with password data for more than 860,000 users has no plans to use it to mass compromise the accounts of people who use the same login credentials on other sites.

The pledge was made in this post by a user who supplied confidential password details that weren’t publicly available.

Among other things, that information included partial cryptographic hash corresponding to the password of MacRumors Editorial Director Arnold Kim, as well as the cryptographic salt used to increase the time required to crack it. Kim told Ars that those and other confidential details included in the post were “legit.” The user went on to defend the hack as a benign undertaking designed to sharpen the skills of both the hacker and the MacRumors administrators. “We’re not logging in to your gmails, apple accounts, or even your yahoo accounts (unless we target you specifically for some unrelated reason),” the user known simply as Lol wrote. “We’re not terrorists. Stop worrying, and stop blaming it on Macrumors when it was your own fault for reusing passwords in the first place.”     

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