Public Citizen About 18 months ago, we brought you the story of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free-trade agreement that has been in the works for years—in secret. On Wednesday, a working draft of the “intellectual property chapter” of the TPP was published on WikiLeaks. Unlike previous leaks, this one is very recent—dating to the most recent negotiating round in August 2013. Importantly, it also has comments and annotations from each country, with their current position on any given provision. The next round of TPP talks is set for November 19-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As we reported last year, the TPP aims to provide “comprehensive market access,” “regulatory coherence,” and, most notably for the tech community, a commitment “to ensure an effective and balanced approach to intellectual property rights among the TPP countries.” The IP chapter represents just one part of the overall treaty. 0     

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