A large number of Hammond’s supporters attended the trial. Casey Johnston Lulzsec member Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to ten years in prison and three years of probation today in New York by US District Judge Loretta Presca. Hammond pleaded guilty in May to hacking the servers of the private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) in December 2011, during which he lifted millions of e-mails and thousands of credit card numbers and destroyed the firm’s data in the process.

The courtroom was full of Hammond’s supporters, who throughout the trial side-eyed a gaggle of West Point journalism majors who filled several rows of space. When Hammond entered the courtroom wearing two layered t-shirts and jeans, several of his friends waved to him.

He smiled and waved back before sitting.

The proceedings extended over two hours as Hammond’s counsel and the government presented opposing viewpoints of Hammond’s character. Sarah Kunstler, one of the defense attorneys, compared Hammond’s actions to the rights movements against American slavery and apartheid. “[Those] actors are not always understood in the moment,” she said. “In some cases, history, rather than vindicating them, judges them harshly.” Both Kunstler and the second defense attorney, Susan Kellman, said Hammond’s actions were in protest against a private intelligence agency, and that he did not do it for personal gain. 2     

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