MPHJ argues it’s impossible to scan-to-e-mail without infringing the company’s patents. Flickr user: slice The notorious batch of “scan-to-e-mail” patents owned by MPHJ Technology has made its first appearance in court. MPHJ became known earlier this year for sending out at least hundreds—and possibly thousands—of letters to small and medium-sized businesses.

The letters state that the businesses infringe a slew of patents, which MPHJ lawyers say cover just about any scanner that’s set up with scan-to-e-mail capabilities.

If the businesses don’t pay $1,000 per worker, they’ll be sued. But these lawsuits have never actually materialized—until now. MPHJ has sued exactly one company, Research Now, based in Plano, Texas.

The complaint (PDF) says that Research Now has infringed two of the newer MPHJ scanner-patents: Patent Nos. 7,477,410 and 8,488,173.     

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