Winter ice-skating in Marshall is very much sponsored by Samsung. Behind the rink, the federal courthouse. MARSHALL,TX—The story of Michael Jones, his mysterious invention, and the massive patent enforcer he’s working with is finally coming out at a patent trial underway in this small East Texas town. Jones’ patent, now owned by famed patent enforcer Erich Spangenberg, has scared corporate America into writing one hefty check after another to avoid a trial just like this one.

He and his lawyers say the patent covers the common web encryption scheme of SSL combined with the RC4 algorithm.

The sums of those checks were revealed in court here on Tuesday when a TQP attorney displayed to the jury a spreadsheet with many of the payments.

Newegg’s largest competitor, Amazon, paid $500,000 to TQP Development, a company owned by Spangenberg that exists to sue over the Jones patent. Microsoft paid $1,000,000. 8     

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