TQP attorney Marc Fenster stands in front of the historic county courthouse in Marshall, TX. Joe Mullin MARSHALL, TX—The TQP Development v.

Newegg trial has ended, and the case is now in the hands of an eight-person jury here in Marshall. TQP claims that a patent invented by a man named Michael Jones covers a vast swath of the Internet: any website, in fact, using the common encryption combination of SSL combined with the RC4 cipher.

The patent-holding company owned by Erich Spangenberg, derided by its critics as a “patent troll,” has collected $45 million from 139 companies. Online retailer Newegg won’t pay and has pushed the case to a jury.

Now, the jury has heard opposing lawyers from the two teams wrap up their cases.

The case is in the jury’s hands.

The jury has already stayed over the weekend, so it wouldn’t be surprising for a verdict to come this evening. 3     

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