Every December since 2004, Kroll Ontrack, a Minnesota-based provider of data recovery products and services, has compiled a list of its top 10 most unusual data disasters and subsequent recoveries. It’s always a good read. Through its Ontrack Data Recovery products and services, Kroll Ontrack uses hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques to help businesses and consumers recover lost or corrupted data from all types of operating systems, devices and storage media. “Despite best efforts to prevent disasters, data loss still happens due to hardware failure, software corruption, computer viruses, natural disasters and, of course, human error,” said Kroll Ontrack Vice President of Data Recovery Operations Todd Johnson.

He supervises more than 200 engineers who develop IT and techniques that anticipate and address customer needs.

For some noteworthy data protection and disaster recovery tips, visit this Kroll Ontrack page. To read about some of the more interesting and unique data-loss disasters, take a look at this eWEEK slide show.

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