Earlier this month, the Innovation Act, meant to curb abusive patent litigation, passed in the US House of Representatives on a 321-95 vote—just two months after the debate began in earnest in mid-October.

The process was almost lightning-quick by legislative standards.
Today the Senate took up the debate, and there are strong indications that it won’t be speeding ahead at quite that rate.

While there are some powerful senators who are committed to action on this issue, there are others whose message can best be summarized as “slow down.”
Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) opened the hearing by reciting some of the best-known offenders that Congress is looking to stop. “In Vermont, businesses have received $1,000-per-worker demand letters” for using scanners, he noted. “Thousands of coffee shops and retail stores have received demand letters for simply using an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router.”

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