Telephone wires.

The panel set up by President Barack Obama to review widespread National Security Agency surveillance has produced a report in remarkably short order, and it contains a surprising suggestion: the NSA should stop collecting its massive trove of telephone data.
Instead, the data should be kept by a third party, possibly the telephone companies, suggests the report from the five-person Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

The suggestion comes just two days after the bulk data program was reviewed for the first time by a federal judge who was not on the intelligence court; he found that the program is likely unconstitutional.
The report (summary, full report) released today, suggests more than 40 other changes, some of them far-reaching. It recommends splitting up control of the NSA and US Cyber Command, limiting National Security Letters (NSLs) sent out by the FBI, making the head of the NSA a civilian post, and creating a “Civil Liberties and Privacy Protection Board” with greater oversight over NSA activities.

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